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At Pingora, we understand the importance of choosing the best technical outdoor apparel and camping gear for all of your adventures. Our team’s mission is to sift through the newest and most innovative gear, and putting each item to the test before recommending it to you.

Purchase online; find us locally at our storefront located in the heart of Uptown Ankeny, Iowa off of the High Trestle Trail or look for the Pingora van for our pop up stores.

Pingora Outdoors offers a variety of trips for all ability levels including mountain biking, canoeing, hiking, skiing and more! We love working with groups to customize private trips. E-mail by clicking the contact button below if you would like to book a trip with Pingora.

We also offer classes to give you the confidence to ‘get out there’ and make your adventure dreams a reality!

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Locally owned and operated, Pingora Outdoors is an outdoor store that inspires all levels of experience to get outside. We use our storefont, located in the heart of Uptown Ankeny on the High Trestle Trail, as a place to share our passion for adventure and quality gear with our customers.

We are only as strong as our community. Come in, hang out, get inspired and gear up for your next adventure with us.

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Monday | Closed
Tuesday – Saturday | 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.
Sunday | 1 p.m. – 5 p.m.

Personal Gear Appointments | 
Tuesday – Friday


The Pingora Team is here to help simplify your search for the best gear for your adventure. Our focus is to search and test the gear we sell so you know that everything we sell we stick behind.

We have a team of 15 Pingora Ambassadors scattered around the country. This is designed so that we can test gear in different climates and review everything!

Dom Keeling

CEO & Founder

I studied Kinesiology and Health in college and found that I wanted to make a longer lasting impact on peoples lives through inspiring people to get out there, set goals and achieve them. Before starting Pingora Outdoors I was a student for NOLS (the National Outdoor Leadership School), worked as an operations intern at the NOLS Teton Valley Branch while focusing my time in the issue room and I also guided trips for the ISU Outdoor Recreation Program throughout my 4 years in college. I love going on trips and testing out gear. But, ultimately I am passionate about changing peoples lives in a positive way through outdoor adventures, gear and a total lifestyle change.

Shae Rossetti

Partnership & Outreach Coordinator

I am an outdoor junkie, trail runner, conservationist, backpacker and Chilean Patagonia lover. I strongly believe in the power of coffee and the fact that it’s the best outdoor companion is just a plus! I grew up in Georgia on a few hundred acres of land full of trails, ponds and creeks. I basically had no other choice than to fall in love with the outdoors. My dream was to become a marine biologist, instead I majored in advertising and minored in world travel on a budget. Being the child of Delta Airlines employees, I was given the opportunity to fly around the world when I pleased, helping me move to Punta Arenas, Chile where I worked for the Patagonian Expedition Race. Since then I have continued to chase my outdoor industry dream that helps me fuel my adventures and allows me inspire others to do the same.

Pingora Ambassador Team

The Pingora Ambassador Team

Our ambassadors are made up of passionate enthusiasts and athletes. They all have their specialties. Each person will test different technical outdoor apparel and camping gear for you to see.

Growing the Pingora family is essential for us. If you’re interested in becoming an ambassador please reach out to us and apply today!

Trevor Martens

Pingora Ambassador

Oh hey there! My name is Trevor and I hail from funky fresh Iowa. After college I took some jobs and life experiences to different places. I called Virginia and Michigan home before moving to my current home, Southwest Utah. I work as an outfitter for some cool cats that connect people to the outdoors. After work you can usually finding me romping around on my mountain bike, or STR8 crushing some routes at a climbing wall with some friends. Currently I am also dipping my toes into canyoneering. After playing outside my favorite thing in the world is to get a group of friends together and make dinner, drink craft beer/whiskey, and share moments of our life.

Lydia Heydlauff

Pingora Ambassador

Heyo! My name is Lydia Heydlauff and I am currently residing in Ames, Iowa as a student at Iowa State University. I spend my free time rock climbing, hiking, kayaking, taking photos and avoiding adult responsibilities. My passion for rock climbing began at the beginning of my freshman year when I was introduced to the Outdoor Recreation Program at Iowa State. The nature of the sport hooked me. Climbing for me is both laid-back and thrilling, allowing me to both push myself as an athlete and make incredible friends along the way. I am majoring in psychology and advertising in the hopes of taking my passion for the outdoors toward a career with a large outdoor brand. Because of my tall, gangly build I typically struggle to find gear that suits my body type. Luckily for me, Pingora focuses on scoping out the best gear for individuals of all shapes and sizes.

I am 5’9.5″ and 125 pounds. I usually wear an extra small top, and a size 2 in bottoms.

Nic Schneider

Pingora Ambassador

Hey there… My name is Nic and I am a native Iowan, but I’m currently living and working in the outdoor playground of Bend, Oregon. My love of the outdoors began 12 years ago with rock climbing, in which I enjoyed the competition circut and the outdoors. Now my interests have expanded with snowboarding and mountain biking being more present in my life than climbing. You’ll regularly find me at Mt. Bachelor or in the backcountry shedding the gnar all winter and spring long. As the snow dissapears and brown pow emerges, the mountain and cyclocross bikes come out to play more often. Bend is a magical place where I am able to snowboard, climb and bike all in the same day. I also enjoy backpacking, camping, and hiking with my wife and friends.

I am 6 1’ and 175 lbs

Jessie Muntz

Pingora Ambassador

My name is Jessica (Jessie) Muntz currently reside in the great state of Utah! I am an Iowa native and an adventure seeker by birth. I grew up camping, exploring the woods, hunting/fishing and building forts outside with my family. My eyes were truly opened to the possibilities of outdoor recreation (and life in general) when I was in college. Since then, my stoke for pursuing life in the fullest has continued to grow. I currently thrive in Utah as and Adventure Wilderness Therapy Guide.

Spending nearly all of my time outside I am passionate about being prepared with quality gear. I enjoy climbing hard, running fast, sleeping sound and having a blast. Graduating with a degree in Event Management and Apparel Design I have learned the importance of quality vs quantity, aka I want my gear to work well and for a long time.  I am a petite yet strong 4’11” gymnast build. I typically wear a size 4 pants and frequently have to hem and a small on top.

Adventure is out there!

Call your mom.

Tim Rourk

Pingora Ambassador

Hi! I’m Tim and I have a passion for the outdoors, speed, and adventure. What kind of adventure, you ask? You name it, I’m probably interested. My passion for adventure has taken me down many roads ranging from motorcycle racing to rock climbing, hiking and camping to fat biking and back country skiing and much more. At 6’5” and 195 lbs, I’m the tall lanky guy of the group. I am constantly searching for the right gear to fit my diverse interests that can be deemed “tall guy friendly.” I am currently based in West Des Moines where my roles as a father, a husband and a working professional top my priority list. But when the time is right, I’m back in the mountains! All of my gear gets pushed hard in every medium I can. I’m the guy that pulls out a climbing jacket on a power day or a cycling pack on an adventure motorcycle ride. I like to take my gear to the limit and back again so I always know what’s going to work when I need it. 

Maggie Brandenburg

Pingora Ambassador

I have always been an outdoor junkie on so many levels. Growing up in north central Iowa, I spent as much time as I could outside chasing frogs, watching cicadas hatch, and bringing home injured snakes to doctor. Following my passions for the outdoors have lead me to becoming an adventure biologist and a lifelong environmental educator, leading canoeing trips in the Everglades, conservation courses touring South Africa, snorkeling in the Galapagos and backpacking in the American Southwest. As a 5′ 3.5″ (in the morning!) tree-hugger weighing 117 lbs. and having self-described “monkey arms”, I am constantly searching for the right gear to fit my active and diverse lifestyle, as well as my athletic build (35-26-35, with a 30″ inseam). Currently based in Tahoe, I put all my gear to the ultimate test – down world class ski slopes, dipped in raging flash floods, baked in the Sierra sun at 9000+ feet, and standing up to the harsh granite scree. Every day is an adventure just waiting to happen!

Jason Stierman

Pingora Ambassador

My life has always revolved around the outdoors!  Growing up in Iowa meant most of my time was getting lost in the woods, chasing wildlife, fishing, and camping.  Those passions slowly evolved throughout my life to encompass almost anything that provides a means to get lost, unplug, and see what mother nature has to provide.  Current passions are photography, rock climbing, fishing, cycling, adventure riding (motorcycles), adventure racing, camping, and skiing (adding ski touring in 2018).  Physically I am 5’7” 160lbs but wide.  I have a large chest/shoulders for my size which can make sizing an issue with some euro cut clothing.  33” waist and 30” inseam.

Kiana Ziola

Pingora Ambassador

Born and raised in Western Colorado I was placed at the heart of discovery, ready to adventure in any direction and enjoy whatever activities nature might bring my way. I am a student at Colorado Mesa University, and live a life of excitement through the leadership position I hold as a trip initiator for the University’s outdoor program. I am passionate about the river and most all things wilderness. I surely put my gear to the test, whether that is on a river trip down the Grand Canyon or a summer living and trekking on Alaska’s ice field.

I weigh 140 lbs and I am 5’7”. I generally wear medium tops and 4-6 bottoms. My bottom half has an athletic build, so it is essential for me to find bottoms that can move with me (which can sometimes be a struggle).

Ben Brixius

Pingora Ambassador

I am 23 years old from Manitowoc, WI. I graduated from Iowa State with a bachelor’s degree in kinesiology and health and given the opportunity to work through the Outdoor Recreation Program at school. This allowed me to lead a mountain bike trip in Utah and a pack-rafting trip down the dirty devil river in southeast Utah. I also participated in Army ROTC and am currently a 2nd lieutenant stationed in Fort Campbell, Kentucky with 5th Special Forces Group. I am an avid mountain biker, climber, hiker, camper and everything in between! My home crag currently is Kings Bluff, TN.


I am 5’11” tall and weigh around 180lbs with a 30” waist and 32” inseam.

I ride a large Santa Cruz Bronson v1 for my mountain bike.

Audra Manzer

Pingora Ambassador

Hi! My name is Audra Manzer and I live, work, and play in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. As a Wyoming native, I was born with a passion for the outdoors and everything it has to offer. After graduating from Iowa State University with a degree in Journalism and Film Studies, I decided to move to Jackson Hole to work with Teton Gravity Research and Jackson Hole Mountain Resort. When I’m not skiing/snowboarding/backpacking/camping/trail running, I’m pursuing my passion for photography and writing to show the world what our great national parks and public lands can offer us as mere mortals! 

As a 5’4″ girl and fluctuating in at around 125 lbs, I typically wear a small top and medium bottoms!

Matt Miller

Pingora Ambassador

My outdoor roots started in scouting which have taken me from the lakes of the Boundary Waters to the mountains of New Mexico and countless places in between. I am 23 years old from Bettendorf, Iowa. I graduated from Iowa State University with a bachelor’s degree in Political Science and a minor in German. I am Ranger Qualified Infantry officer and commissioned through Iowa State’s Army ROTC program, which provided me the opportunity to become a certified Military Mountaineer, am currently with 2-3 Infantry Regiment out of Fort Lewis, Washington. I am avid hiker, mountain biker, climber, canoer, and dabble in anything adventurous in the outdoors.


I am 5’ 10’’ with an athletic build and weigh 190lbs with a 31” waist and 31” inseam.

Taylor Becker

Pingora Ambassador

Hi! My name is Taylor Becker and I’m originally from Des Moines, Iowa and graduated from Iowa State University with a degree in Environmental Science. My love for climbing and the outdoors began about 6 years ago and has completely engulfed my life. This love, or obsession some might call it, for climbing inspired me to take a job just 2 miles outside Yosemite National Park, in the Sierra’s where I teach 6th grade students at an outdoor school. When I’m not working I regularly climb either in Yosemite, Bishop, or even make the drive out to Red Rocks. I dove head first into all different types of climbing, from bouldering, to the splitter traditional cracks in Yosemite, and even to deep water soloing. Along with climbing, I also have a love for snowboarding, swimming, and trail running. 

I am 5’9″, 135 pounds, have a 27″ waist and 30″ inseam. 

Selling technical outdoor apparel and camping gear, Pingora Outdoors works with individuals and groups seeking a true outdoor experience in the remarkable wilderness areas of the central and western United States. We take pride in delivering exactly what our customers are looking for: knowledge, innovation and safety. By combining these elements with a sound selection of technical apparel and gear, we offer a perfect-fit to customer interests and needs. Together this delivers peace of mind that your adventure will be a successful one.

CEO and Founder of Pingora Outdoors, Dom, is an experienced outdoorsman and avid traveler. After spending a semester in the Rockies with NOLS (National Outdoor Leadership School), Dom began an internship in Driggs, Idaho with NOLS Teton Valley as an Operations Assistant. While at NOLS, his knowledge of  issuing gear and trip logistics grew. This made his passion for the outdoor experience explode.

The name Pingora Outdoors comes from the mountain Pingora, in the Wind River Range, Wyoming. Pingora was also Dom’s first serious technical outdoor rock climb. It represented conquering a dream he had set for himself after struggling with 3 years of shoulder injuries from skiing. “When I got to the top of that climb I came across a small rock which was painted white with pink lettering on it” it said “dream on and on.” Helping others achieve their goals through educational training, trip guidance and providing expert advice and recommendations became the passion that helped create Pingora Outdoors.


Our brand is only as strong as our community. Pinogra Outdoors’ ambassadors aren’t just photographers, bloggers or full time adventure seekers; they are weekend warriors, college students, business professionals and the list goes on. They all have one thing in common, their love for the outdoors and the want to share their passion with others.