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At Pingora, we understand the importance of choosing the best technical outdoor apparel and camping gear for all of your adventures. Our team’s mission is to sift through the newest and most innovative gear, and putting each item to the test before recommending it to you.

Purchase online; find us locally at our storefront located in the heart of Uptown Ankeny, Iowa off of the High Trestle Trail or look for the Pingora van for our pop up stores.

Pingora Outdoors offers a variety of trips for all ability levels including mountain biking, canoeing, hiking, skiing and more! We love working with groups to customize private trips. E-mail by clicking the contact button below if you would like to book a trip with Pingora.

We also offer classes to give you the confidence to ‘get out there’ and make your adventure dreams a reality!

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The Pingora Team is here to help simplify your search for the best gear for your adventure. Our focus is to search and test the gear we sell so you know that everything we sell we stick behind.

Vision: To make the outdoors accessible to EVERYONE.

Mission: To utilize trips, classes, rentals and retail as a medium to support adventure in the great outdoors and provide the community with opportunities to explore and push their limits.

Our values:

  • Adventure: a pursuit of the great outdoors and expanding your horizons.
  • Health: inspiring an active, healthy, and sustainable lifestyle for all.
  • Integrity: supporting community by prioritizing our customers and building good relationships.
  • Community: creating a culture that supports and encourages the pursuit of health and adventure.
  • Service: giving back to the environment and our community.

Dom Keeling

CEO & Founder

I studied Kinesiology and Health in college and found that I wanted to make a longer lasting impact on peoples lives through inspiring people to get out there, set goals and achieve them. Before starting Pingora Outdoors I was a student for NOLS (the National Outdoor Leadership School), worked as an operations intern at the NOLS Teton Valley Branch while focusing my time in the issue room and I also guided trips for the ISU Outdoor Recreation Program throughout my 4 years in college. I love going on trips and testing out gear. But, ultimately I am passionate about changing peoples lives in a positive way through outdoor adventures, gear and a total lifestyle change.

Favorite Outdoor Activity: Backpacking, car camping, climbing and biking!!

Favorite Place to Be Outdoors:North wales in a town called Morfa Nefyn. I spent my summers vacationing here as a kid.

FUN FACT! I am a dual citizen with England and the U.S.

Hailey Pascoe

Outdoor Retail Specialist

I grew up in Concord, California, then went on to play basketball at Lehigh University. After I graduated, I moved out to Iowa with my fiance, and started working at Pingora Outdoors. I have a heart for helping others and connecting within the community. My favorite part of my job is hearing about all of the amazing adventures people have been on and helping them prepare for even bigger and better ones. It is so rewarding to help people of all ages go on incredible adventures and help them to see why I love the outdoors and everything it has to offer!

Favorite Outdoor Activity:  I love to run and hike anywhere that I can (and I love to drag my fiance along with me on those crazy long hikes and runs!). Camping is also my favorite way to vacation. Yes, I would rather sleep on the ground than in a 5-star hotel!

Favorite Place to Be Outdoors:Silver Falls State Park in Oregon

FUN FACT! I am a HUGE nerd and love to read about as much as I love to be outside!

Shawn Liddell

Outdoor Retail Specialist

I grew up in the Iowa City area, then went on to Storm Lake, Iowa to go to college and play baseball at Buena Vista University. Although I am no longer playing or coaching baseball I am still a huge fan of Yankees baseball and Hawkeye football! I moved to Des Moines about 3 years ago and now live in Ankeny with my girlfriend Emily and 2 year old beagle, Gary.

Favorite Place to Be Outdoors: Probably a toss up between being in the mountains or by the ocean.

Favorite Outdoor Activity: Golfing and hiking

FUN FACT! I have been fully certified as an open water scuba diver for 10 years.

Julia Richards Krapfl

Outdoor Retail Specialist

First and foremost, I am a mom to two teenage daughters and step-mom to one daughter, age 25. In addition to working at Pingora, I also work in the Center for Advocacy and Outreach at Blank Children’s Hospital where I coordinate All Kids Healthy, a healthy lifestyle outreach program, and am the coordinator and wellness coach for the Healthy Kids Program, a pediatric weight management clinic. I am co-leader of my daughters’ 4-H club and can equally scoop horse poop and apply dance make-up to a small child. I am a part-time associate at Pingora helping customers with decisions and purchase of outdoor clothing and gear.

Favorite Place to Be Outdoors: I love running on trails through the woods or on Iowa’s gravel roads past corn and bean fields. I also feel a deep connection to Northwest Ontario and the Lac Suel area where my family has fished for years.

Favorite Outdoor Activity: My preferred activity is trail running, but doing almost anything outdoors is great! Coming from a farming background, I spent a large part of growing up outside running around or helping in the field. I enjoy all seasons and all kinds of activities!

FUN FACT! I am a 4-year alumni of the Hawkeye Marching Band at the University of Iowa where I met my husband. Go Hawks!

John Anderson

Pingora Guide

I grew up in rural Iowa exploring the outdoors, going on canoe trips to boundary water, skiing and backpacking. I am a gear enthusiast, always improving my kits and trying new ideas. I began rock climbing in the year 2000 then went all in; Rock, Ice, Mountains and Alpine. Some areas of note that I have explored are; Mt. Everest, Denali, Kilimanjaro, Rainier, Moab and Indian creek, Devils tower, and the Grand Tetons. I started as a climbing guiding in 2005, currently I am certified by the AMGA as a Single Pitch Instructor, NOLS Wilderness First Aid and Leave No Trace. Instructing, leading trips and mentoring others in the outdoor pursuits are a real passion and joy to me.

Favorite Place to Be Outdoors: Hundreds of feet up a cliff face sitting on a ledge enjoying the view.

Favorite Outdoor Activity: Climbing in all of its forms, from sport climbing in Iowa to high peaks all over the world.

FUN FACT! I have brewed beer and also root beer.

Sandy Dunivan

Pingora Guide

I am a native Iowan. I am a former teacher and elementary/middle school counselor. I enjoy a variety of outdoor activities: I have hiked and camped at the bottom of the Grand Canyon, the top of a mountain in Crested Butte, Colorado and completed week long bicycle rides in Iowa, Colorado and Canada. I am a part-time sales associate at the Jester Park and Ankeny Pingora Outdoors locations.

Favorite Place to Be Outdoors: Anywhere as long as I am on my bike!

Favorite Outdoor Activity: Riding my bicycle with family and friends

FUN FACT! I compete in Cyclocross races!


Shop Dog

If you’ve ever visited Pingora Outdoors, then you’ve most likely been greeted by Percy, the shop dog. Percy is a European Golden Retriever who loves a good adventure or just lounging around soaking up the sun.

Pingora is the first mountain that Dom climbed after being told he would never climb again. In college he skied competitively and during his career suffered a catastrophic injury to his shoulder. Doctors told Dom that climbing was a passion he would have to leave in the past, and that his shoulder would no longer be able to withstand such a strenuous activity.

To us, Pingora Outdoors (the company) is now a medium that inspires people to get outside and not let limitations hold them back. We use this to motivate and inspire our customers and each other.

P.S. Our logo is a Pika…not a mouse!

Upon reaching the summit of Pingora (the mountain), Dom came across this painted rock and was deeply moved by the powerful statement it bore. Inspired by how it was intentionally carried all the way to the top of this mountain, he made “Dream On And On” the mantra at the heart of the company we have today.

At Pingora Outdoors, we believe we are all capable of achieving more than we could ever comprehend, and want to encourage and inspire people to chase even their wildest dreams (no matter your restrictions!).

“Rock climbing was something that I never thought I would be able to do again, and here I am sitting at the top of this mountain thinking to myself holy cow, if I can do this, what else can I still do!?”

In September 2016, Dom sold his house and used that money to purchase the Adventure Van. This was his “all in” moment where he committed to “Dream On And On” and gave Pingora everything. In the early days he used the van to lead trips and travel to events selling gear, clothing and “Pingora swag”. This was what ultimately sparked the wildly exciting growth trajectory that continues today!

In January 2017, Dom took his next big step by opening the Pingora “Show Room”. His focus was to not only use it as an office space to work, but to determine whether a “brick and mortar” store was a viable concept. He describes this location as his “fish bowl” where he would sit and watch the world go by through his little window. But all joking aside, it was a critical step toward his dream for Pingora and opened his eyes to what could be possible with a true Pingora storefront.

Wow. Where do we even begin? In the past year we have opened numerous storefronts, and remodeled and expanded our flagship store. It has been a wild ride and a lot of hard work, but it has been incredible to see the support from our community as we continue to build our dream!

A highlight that was made possible by all of the support of our customers and incredible partnerships: DMACC recognized Dom as the Young Entrepreneur of the Year for 2018.

It may have been a crazy ride, but we sure have had a lot of fun along the way! Thanks to everyone who has made Pingora possible, we couldn’t have done it without you! We cannot wait to see what the future holds!


Our brand is only as strong as our community. Pinogra Outdoors’ ambassadors aren’t just photographers, bloggers or full time adventure seekers; they are weekend warriors, college students, business professionals and the list goes on. They all have one thing in common, their love for the outdoors and the want to share their passion with others.