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  • Klymit_InsulatedStaticV_AngleBag_v1

    Insulated Static V

    The Klymit Insulated Static V is a lightweight camping pad using body mapping technology with all season warmth and comfort. It features the v-chamber design which limits air movement and heat loss while offering a uniquely ergonomic body map which is optimzed for performance and comfort. While inflating in approximately ...
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  • KlymitInsulatedStaticVLite.1

    Insulated Static V Lite

    The most comfortable four season camping pad just got lighter and more pack friendly… The new Klymit Insulated Static V Lite uses new high end fabrics to lighten the load, while keeping all the built in comfort that adventurers the world over have come to love. Modeled after its namesake ...
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  • klymit_ksb0_front_new_v1

    KSB 0 Degree

    With a 650 fill-power white duck down that delivers exceptional warmth for its weight the KSB 0˚ sleeping bag still packs small and its durable fabric will provide years of use. Its draft collar, over-stuffed foot box, insulated mummy hood and flexible baffles at the body’s core all work together ...
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  • Klymit_KSB20DownRed_Top_Stamped_v1

    KSB 20 Degree Down

    Lofty, warm and light, the KSB 20˚ down sleeping bag is designed for three-season backpacking. The 650 fill power down delivers exceptional warmth for its weight, is easily packed and provides years of use. A draft collar, over-stuffed foot box, insulated mummy hood and flexible baffles at the body’s core ...
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  • klymit_pillowxlarge_front_v1

    Pillow X Large

    The advanced, self-centering X design positions and cradles your head for supportive, stable comfort. Weighing just 3.2 ounces, and packing down to the size of a wallet, this technically advanced pillow is a luxurious necessity for backcountry travel – and it’s great for car camping, too. Weight 3.2 oz / ...
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  • klymit_staticv_anglebag_v1

    Static V

    An ideal pad for avid backpackers and casual campers alike. Weighs only 18 ounces and packs up small. Comfortable, Lightweight, and rugged performance at an entry-level price. Ergonomic body-mapped V chamber design limits air movement. Side rails cradle you on the pad. Rugged material is great if you want to ...
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  • klymit_staticvjunior_anglebag_v1

    Static V Junior

    The most popular pad trimmed to a ¾ length that’s perfect for ounce counters, kids and Scouts, the Static V Junior packs to the size of a soda can, and weighs a scant 13 ounces. The body-mapped V chamber design limits air movement to help maintain insulating performance and ergonomic comfort, ...
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  • klymit_staticvluxe_anglebag_v1

    Static V Luxe

    The pinnacle of rugged luxury, Static V Luxe hits the sweet spot where comfort, technical performance, durability and lightweight packability come together. The 30-inch width provides room to roll, and dynamic side rails keep you on your pad. Ergonomic body mapping optimizes comfort, and the V chamber design limits air ...
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