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    Citro 20

    The Citro 20 is tailor-made for afternoon hikes and swimming-hole dashes, where the goal is to travel fast and light with only the essentials. Its Vaporspan ventilated backpanel and integrated hydration mean this compact 20-liter bag can double as a biking or running bag in a pinch. • VAPORSPAN VENTILATION ...
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    Citro 25

    Hot summer days demand a cool and quick approach. The Citro 25 employs wicking fabrics and Vaporspan ventilated suspension to keep your internal engine from overheating, plus an integrated 3D Hydro reservoir and innovative trail storage features for maximum mile-eating efficiency. • VAPORSPAN VENTILATION | system uses unique leaf-spring lower ...
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    Citro 30

    Study the trail map, get your gear straight, pack up the Citro 30 and bag the sneaky peak next door to your local tourist-trap hike. The Citro 30 hauls gear, food, and water, with ample room left over for layering as you gain altitude. Vaporspan free-flowing ventilation maintains your cool ...
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    Drift 10

    You think a four-hour ride is just a warm-up and you’re not afraid to spend all day in the saddle. You also know that getting caught 15 miles out without spare tubes or a windbreaker can be a major hassle. The Drift 10 is your pack: light and nimble enough ...
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    Drift 14

    The largest Drift pack in the series was born to tackle all-day epics like Moab’s Whole Enchilada trail, where you can start riding in a LaSalle snow squall at 11,000 feet, then hit 75 degrees and sunny at the Colorado River finish. Sized for packable layers, multiple spares, food, and ...
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    Drift 6

    You’re a minimalist—from your single speed setup to your gear philosophy—and you ride packless when you can. But there are limits to what you can stuff in your pockets, and that’s why the Drift 6 is your pack. Its minimal weight, low profile, and customizable Shift RS suspension help it ...
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    Miwok 12

    The Miwok 12’s super-compact, body-hugging shape makes it versatile across multiple active trail disciplines, from short-distance hiking to extended trail running and mountain biking. 12 liters of capacity allow a light layer, food, and water, while a stretch outer pocket handles must-have extras. • BioSync Suspension technology to keep the ...
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    Miwok 24

    From peak-bagging to business travel, the Miwok 24 does everything a daypack should and more. Designed for the trail, this sleek, lightweight daypack has ample storage capacity for all-day excursions, plus an expanding front pocket to keep bulkier items like a jacket or helmet. Meanwhile, interior organization and clean exterior ...
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    Miwok 6

    The smallest in the series, the Miwok 6 is an active-pursuits hydration pack with additional storage for an ultralight wind shell, multi-tool, and energy bar. A Z-bungee lets you secure an extra layer to the outside as the sun rises higher in the sky. • BioSync Suspension technology to keep ...
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    Paragon 38

    Put a peak in your sights and set off with the lightweight Paragon 38 on your back. At 38 liters, it has enough volume to gulp down extra layers, first aid, a bivy sack, and all the water and food you’ll need, but its Aerolon suspension keeps it light and ...
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    Paragon 48

    The Paragon 48 loves those long-distance overnights, where the challenge isn’t just the mileage, but the altitude, the terrain, and the conditions. Its lightweight Aerolon suspension keeps you—and your gear—balanced as you make for your next waypoint, while convenient features improve organization and provide on-trail access to essentials. •AEROLON SUSPENSION ...
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    Paragon 58

    If a weekend in the woods is on your list, don’t let a heavy pack keep you lagging behind. The Paragon 58 gives you room to haul the gear you want without making sacrifices, while simultaneously shaving weight to keep you light on your feet. A lightweight 7075 aluminum chassis ...
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    Paragon 68

    Nine times out of ten, a pack this light with this kind of capacity would be stripped of anything close to comfort or convenience. The Paragon 68 is the exception, tearing up the trail with lightweight, ventilated ease thanks to Aerolon suspension, and offering deluxe features you’d be hard-pressed to ...
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    Stout 65

    At home anywhere your own two feet can take you, the Stout 65 hits the mark for capacity and profile—just big enough for a week’s worth of lightweight camping gear, but not so big that it creates issues when you’re hopping on a train to the hostel in the next ...
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    Stout 75

    The Stout 75 offers the capacity to support classic hikes in revered locations like Yosemite and Glacier National Park, and brings adjustable TrailFlex suspension and features to provide a custom fit experience. The top-loading design makes quick work of packing up camp, while a front stuff pocket keeps layers accessible ...
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