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  • 1 Burner Butane Stove

    Cook a hot meal anywhere, anytime. Whether it’s an emergency situation or an overnight trip through the backcountry, the compact Butane One Burner Stove is the stove you want to have with you. The single burner pumps out 8,000 BTU/hour—that’s more power than many indoor stoves. You’ll be able to ...
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  • Blueberry Walnut Oats & Quinoa

    Warm and hearty multi-grain breakfast cereal with Organic blueberries, walnuts, oats, and quinoa. Makes one 11oz serving. USDA Organic. Non-GMO. Vegan! Contains walnuts and gluten.
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  • Cincinnati-Style Chili

    “Our Way” with spaghettini, beef, onions, and beans. A nod to the midwest with flavors of cinnamon, clove and a hint of dark chocolate! Nut Free. Soy Free. Dairy Free. 21 grams of protein per serving. Contains wheat and gluten.
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  • ETA Lite

    The Eta Lite sets a new standard for compact all-in-one stoves. A new locking mechanism makes it very sturdy and thanks to our new Laminar Flow Burner Technology; the stove has a lower burner than would otherwise be possible, this resulting in a more stable, lighter and compact stove. Perfect for ...
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  • Everest 2 Burner Stove

    Don’t be fooled by its size; the Everest Two Burner Stove packs a lot of power under the hood. Two high-pressure 20,000 BTU burners pump out all the heat you’ll need for your outdoor cooking, whether you’re going solo or bringing the whole family. Fire up quickly and easily with ...
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  • Green Chile Salsa

    Green Chiles are a staple with every meal in the southwest, they make everything better. We blended roasted green chiles, garlic, onion, chia seeds and hemp seeds for the added health benefits. Our spicy Green Chili Salsa is great with chips, eggs, potatoes, on a burger and mixed with sour ...
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  • Grizzly Grip Camp Cup

    It’s the first thing you reach for every morning – your morning companion, a trusted coffee cup. The Grizzly Camp Cup is truly one of a kind, from the built-in grips, to the non-slip rubberized grip on bottom. Its stainless-steel construction and double-walled insulation keeps your morning drink hot so ...
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  • Ion Micro Ti

    The Olicamp ION Micro stove is the smallest, most compact, & lightest butane stove in the world. Made from titanium with stainless steel pot supports for the right balance between strength, minimal size and weight. The innovative flame spreader design maximizes heat transfer and maximizes efficient fuel consumption. At 1.25 inches wide, 2 ...
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  • Kinetic Ultra Ti

    Seriously light with serious firepower. The large burner, pot supports and the gas stem are all made of ultralight titanium. With its wide titanium burner the Olicamp Kinetic is as versatile a stove as it is light. The machined aluminum valve shaves weight and is easy to grasp even with ...
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  • PocketRocket 2 Stove

    The MSR PocketRocket 2 Stove is a redesign of the highly acclaimed original. Weighing a shocking 2.6 oz less, it also packs smaller than its predecessor. Fire up the stove and cook more confidently with the PocketRocket 2’s more stable supports which will hold onto a wider range of pots ...
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  • Power On Pancakes

    Power On Protein Pancakes are protein packed, fiber strong and filled with delicious blueberries. Simply pour in the water, mix it up and griddle to perfection. Instant crowd pleaser and energy booster that keeps your crew charging all day. Each serving is packed full of 22g of plant based protein ...
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  • Rainier 2 Burner Stove

    There’s nothing better than a cool, crisp morning in the outdoors with a pile of steaming bacon, eggs, and pancakes. And there’s no better camp stove to create that meal than the Rainier Two Burner Stove. With a non-stick aluminum griddle included, you have everything you need for good food ...
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  • Stroganoff Sauce w/ Beef and Noodles

    This mouth-watering stroganoff recipe is the ultimate comfort food for wherever your adventures take you. It’s made with all-natural freeze-dried beef, wild forest mushrooms, noodles, and a tangy sour cream sauce to top everything off. Contains milk, wheat and gluten.
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  • Stryker Stove System

    Where you go, the Stryker goes too. Its compact design makes it easy to pack in and out whether you’re gone for the day or for the week. In fact, every stove component, including the three-legged stand, 1.3 liter pot, stove, and lid all fit into one mesh carry bag. ...
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  • Teton 2 Burner Stove

    Enjoying nature’s finest views and keeping the cooking simple is what the Teton 2 Burner Stove is all about. This compact stove, with two 10,000 BTU burners, has the power to cook your food how you like it. We’re talking about more than just bacon and pancakes—try stir fry, burgers, ...
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  • Three Sister’s Stew

    The native American holy-trinity of corn, beans, and squash become a tasty, hearty, high protein stew with the addition of brown rice and quinoa. Makes two 15oz. servings. Nut Free. Soy Free. 17 grams of Protein per serving.
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  • Whisperlite Universal

    The hybrid-fuel WhisperLite Universal stove delivers the ease and simmering capabilities of canister fuel, and switches easily over to liquid fuels for longer trips, cold-weather, and international use. MSR’s patent-pending AirControl™technology is what really makes it unique, delivering outstanding performance with all compatible fuels. It’s also the lightest stove in ...
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