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  • E99AAC-ACTIK-focus-1_LowRes

    Actik 300

    Compact multi-beam headlamp with red lighting, designed for outdoor activities. 300 lumens The ACTIK headlamp offers 300 lumen brightness. Featuring a mixed beam, it is ideal for outdoor activities like mountaineering, running, hiking and backpacking. Red lighting preserves night vision and prevents blinding other members of the group. Its reflective ...
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  • P_BD620636_DENMAstro_on_web

    Astro Headlamp

    A compact yet powerful headlamp that’s small enough to bring just in case, but bright enough to light the way down unexpected rappels and dark trails, the Black Diamond Astro Headlamp features a sleek, modern housing and 150 lumens of power. The Astro’s dimming and strobe modes let you customize ...
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  • LuciLux_product-inflated_4000x4000


    Luci Lux, in our opinion is the most elegant light, it merges the utility of a portable light with the aesthetic of modern home decor. With a soft frosted finish, Luci Lux is the ultimate ambient light – perfect for any adventure! Just like candlelight, turn any moment into a magical experience ...
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  • Outdoor2.0product1_1000x1000

    Outdoor 2.0

    Outdoor 2.0 is the newest and most versatile Luci light yet. With more light settings, it’s brighter than ever and longer lasting than the previous generation of Luci Outdoor. The new adjustable bottom strap lets you attach Luci anywhere without needing an extra hook. Just as lightweight, waterproof and durable as ...
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