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  • Luci Outdoor 2.0

    Outdoor 2.0 is the newest and most versatile Luci light yet. With more light settings, it’s brighter than ever and longer lasting than the previous generation of Luci Outdoor. The new adjustable bottom strap lets you attach Luci anywhere without needing an extra hook. Just as lightweight, waterproof and durable as ...
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  • Maven 35

    Packing the sink on your next dayhike will make the Maven 35 happy, because it loves to haul a little extra gear in its 35-liter main compartment. Lightweight, robust Aerolon suspension supports the load without adding to it, while tons of features never let on that this pack barely tips ...
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  • Maven 45

    When it’s time to escape from the crowds, the sleek, overnight-ready Maven 45 makes short work of long approaches to distant campsites that rarely see any visitors. Convenient storage options keep you happy on the trail, and Aerolon ventilated suspension keeps you cool as it supports the load. • AEROLON ...
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  • Maven 55L

    A heavy pack saps your energy and steals the fun out of long weekends in the backcountry. But when you’re packing up camp and hitting the trail in the morning, slinging the Maven 55 over your shoulders is a totally new—and excellent—experience, thanks to its lightweight design, extensive feature list, ...
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  • Maven 65L

    A multi-day excursion in the mountains demands a light, nimble pack with plenty of support—not always an easy combination to find. Thanks to the Maven 65 and its lightweight Aerolon suspension, you can have both the svelte pack you want and the load management you need. Light on your back, ...
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  • Maya 10

    Fitness hikers, mountain bikers, and long-distance winter trail runners will fall in love with the Maya 10, thanks to its super-sleek design and body-hugging BioSync Suspension. By offering more room than a pure hydration or biking pack, the Maya 10 becomes the versatile trail companion you always wanted. • BioSync ...
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  • Maya 16

    The Maya 16 is a smaller daypack that’s ideal for shorter day hikes or lightning-quick peak ascents in mild weather. With enough room for compressible layers and fuel, plus an expanding front pocket that fits a helmet, this sleek 16-liter pack offers exactly what you need and nothing more. • ...
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  • Maya 22

    The Maya 22 carries like a daypack but rides like it’s a part of you, thanks to BioSync Suspension that flexes and moves with your body. Its clean design goes from long trail days to workday commuting without breaking a sweat, and an expanding front pocket stretches to fit bulky ...
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  • Maya 5

    The Maya 5 carries essentials close at hand without disturbing your trail fitness experience. Designed to carry water, food, and an ultra-compressible wind layer or your biking gear, this 5-liter pack disappears on your body as you eat up the miles. • BioSync Suspension technology to keep the pack moving ...
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  • Medical Kit .5

    The Ultralight / Watertight Series features proprietary DryFlex™ bags for the ultimate in ultralight, waterproof storage. Ideal for the multi-sport athlete that refuses to be let down or weighed down by his or her gear. The Ultralight / Watertight .5 is perfect for one-to-two-day solo trips when an ultralight kit ...
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  • MiiR 64oz Vacuum Insulated Growler

    Whether you’re filling up at the local taproom or hauling hot cider for the whole crew, the MiiR 64-oz Vacuum Insulated Growler redefines how we transport, store and share liquid refreshments. In other words, no more fragile glass or disposable plastic containers. Made from tough, beautiful, stainless steel, the Growler ...
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  • Miwok 12

    The Miwok 12’s super-compact, body-hugging shape makes it versatile across multiple active trail disciplines, from short-distance hiking to extended trail running and mountain biking. 12 liters of capacity allow a light layer, food, and water, while a stretch outer pocket handles must-have extras. • BioSync Suspension technology to keep the ...
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  • Miwok 24

    From peak-bagging to business travel, the Miwok 24 does everything a daypack should and more. Designed for the trail, this sleek, lightweight daypack has ample storage capacity for all-day excursions, plus an expanding front pocket to keep bulkier items like a jacket or helmet. Meanwhile, interior organization and clean exterior ...
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  • Miwok 6

    The smallest in the series, the Miwok 6 is an active-pursuits hydration pack with additional storage for an ultralight wind shell, multi-tool, and energy bar. A Z-bungee lets you secure an extra layer to the outside as the sun rises higher in the sky. • BioSync Suspension technology to keep ...
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  • Moccasym – Men’s

    In 1990 Five Ten® introduced a shoe for every climber’s arsenal – the Anasazi MoccAsym. Low profile for thin cracks and equipped with the unique Asym™ heel slingshot, this slipper delivers exceptional precision and versatility. Their Stealth® C4™ rubber outsoles offer durable and high-friction adherence to all types of surfaces.
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  • Moji Color Lantern

    Whether you’re partying on a portaledge or setting up camp in the backcountry, the Moji Color is a compact lantern that brings the full rainbow spectrum of color to your adventures.
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  • Moji Lantern

    Extremely simple and extremely bright, the Moji is a compact camp lantern featuring a durable construction and 100 lumens of power for no-frills illumination.
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  • Momentum – Men’s

    While the Momentum climbing shoe was built with ultimate comfort in mind it excels in performance. With Engineered Knit Technology for exceptional breathability and innovative proprietary molded rubber, the Momentum is the perfect entry-level climbing shoe for all day comfort at the gym or crag.
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  • Momentum – Women’s

    Designed specifically for a women’s foot, the Women’s Momentum climbing shoe was built with ultimate comfort in mind, but excels in performance. With Engineered Knit Technology for exceptional breathability, and innovative NeoFriction molded rubber, the Momentum is the perfect entry-level climbing shoe for all day comfort at the gym or ...
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  • NeoAir® Venture™

    A lightweight, compact mattress insulated for essential backpacking warmth. Therm-a-rest’s patent-pending WaveCore™ construction allows the NeoAir Venture air mattress to offer reliable quality, performance and value for recreational users. Their unique technology creates over one hundred insulating cells, effectively doubling the warmth of uninsulated air mattresses without the bulk, added weight ...
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  • Organic Apricot + Almond Bar

    Organic Fruit + Almond Bars, are made with just that—organic, non-GMO fruit, almonds, chia seeds, fruit juice, and nothing else. The result is a chewy, chunky bar with true fruit flavors, the crunch of roasted almonds and the bright, slightly tart taste of baobab.
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  • Organic Mango + Almond Bar

    Organic Fruit + Almond Bars, are made with just that—organic, non-GMO fruit, almonds, chia seeds, fruit juice, and nothing else. The result is a chewy, chunky bar with true fruit flavors, the crunch of roasted almonds and the bright, slightly tart taste of baobab.
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  • Out Gear Recreation “It’s A Cinch” Straps

    These straps are a cinch to set up, a perfect addition to our OGR hammocks! Completely adjustable and super strong, these straps give the flexibility of a variety of options to set up the Singled Out Hammock or most other hammocks
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  • Out Gear Recreation “Singled Out” Hammock

    The Singled Out Hammock by Out Gear Rec is a light weight, compactable, and comfortable hammock that is perfect for serious backpackers and outdoor enthusiasts alike. At a length of 10.5 feet, its simple design and easy set up are ideal, and the durable and soft ripstop nylon make it great ...
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  • Paragon 38

    Put a peak in your sights and set off with the lightweight Paragon 38 on your back. At 38 liters, it has enough volume to gulp down extra layers, first aid, a bivy sack, and all the water and food you’ll need, but its Aerolon suspension keeps it light and ...
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  • Paragon 48

    The Paragon 48 loves those long-distance overnights, where the challenge isn’t just the mileage, but the altitude, the terrain, and the conditions. Its lightweight Aerolon suspension keeps you—and your gear—balanced as you make for your next waypoint, while convenient features improve organization and provide on-trail access to essentials. •AEROLON SUSPENSION ...
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  • Paragon 58

    If a weekend in the woods is on your list, don’t let a heavy pack keep you lagging behind. The Paragon 58 gives you room to haul the gear you want without making sacrifices, while simultaneously shaving weight to keep you light on your feet. A lightweight 7075 aluminum chassis ...
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  • Paragon 68

    Nine times out of ten, a pack this light with this kind of capacity would be stripped of anything close to comfort or convenience. The Paragon 68 is the exception, tearing up the trail with lightweight, ventilated ease thanks to Aerolon suspension, and offering deluxe features you’d be hard-pressed to ...
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  • Pillow X Large

    The advanced, self-centering X design positions and cradles your head for supportive, stable comfort. Weighing just 3.2 ounces, and packing down to the size of a wallet, this technically advanced pillow is a luxurious necessity for backcountry travel – and it’s great for car camping, too. Weight 3.2 oz / ...
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  • Pingora Water Bottle

    Have you drank water today? No? Have you supported your favorite Outdoor Store today? Another no huh? Well now you can do both!
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  • PocketRocket 2 Stove

    The MSR PocketRocket 2 Stove is a redesign of the highly acclaimed original. Weighing a shocking 2.6 oz less, it also packs smaller than its predecessor. Fire up the stove and cook more confidently with the PocketRocket 2’s more stable supports which will hold onto a wider range of pots ...
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  • Power On Pancakes

    Power On Protein Pancakes are protein packed, fiber strong and filled with delicious blueberries. Simply pour in the water, mix it up and griddle to perfection. Instant crowd pleaser and energy booster that keeps your crew charging all day. Each serving is packed full of 22g of plant based protein ...
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  • Printed Double Headband

    The Printed Double Headband is made from a recycled polyester Veeda fabric. The band is 3/8″ wide and has a silicone strip on the front bands. One size fits most.
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  • ProLite™ Plus

    This product is available for purchase in-store only. Give us a call if you want to purchase it! All-season self-inflating comfort—now with even less weight and bulk. The ProLite Plus mattress combines outstanding all-season warmth with the convenience of self-inflation. U.S. sourced patent-pending diagonal-cut foam delivers more warmth than the more ...
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  • Rainier 2 Burner Stove

    There’s nothing better than a cool, crisp morning in the outdoors with a pile of steaming bacon, eggs, and pancakes. And there’s no better camp stove to create that meal than the Rainier Two Burner Stove. With a non-stick aluminum griddle included, you have everything you need for good food ...
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  • Refuge Hammocks

    Peregrine introduces the REFUGE series of hammocks.  These are built to be light, comfortable, and stronger than the competition.  Peregrine is the only brand providing CE certified climbing rated carabiners and woven Dyneema slings as attachments.  Super comfortable and strong nylon fabrics, triple stitched seams, and an integrated roll top ...
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  • Refuge Lite

    For the cost or weight conscious traveler, Peregrine is proud to present the REFUGE LITE hammock.  Using the same bomber and fully certified carabiners for attachment points, the REFUGE LITE is lighter and more packable than its cousin the REFUGE 1. 250lb capacity CE Certified climbing carabiners Hammock made from ...
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  • Rogue VCS – Women’s

    Designed with the basics in mind, the Rogue VCS is the ideal shoe for beginner climbers. The supportive midsole allows for increased feeling and sensitivity while the Stealth® C4™ outsole is great for smearing and climbing in the gym.
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  • SpiBelt – Original

    The Original SPIbelt™ is perfect for holding your smart phone as well as keys, ID, headphones, cash, credit cards, or even a passport. Wear it while running, working out, jamming out at a music festival, or traveling the world! It’s lightweight, bounce-free, and can be worn under or over clothing. ...
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  • Storm Headlamp

    With a fully sealed waterproof housing, PowerTap Technology and Brightness Memory, the updated Storm now features 350 lumens of power, three-color RGB night vision and improved peripheral lighting for close-range tasks.
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  • Stout 30

    We heard the demand for better fit and support in a daypack-sized package, and we met it with the all-new Stout 30. Sized for peak-bagging and scenic lake loops, but kitted with adjustable, ventilated TrailFlex suspension and ample trail features, the smallest Stout pack gives you the custom fit experience ...
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  • Stout 45

    We heard the demand for better fit and support in a daypack-sized package, and we met it with the all-new Stout 30. Sized for peak-bagging and scenic lake loops, but kitted with adjustable, ventilated TrailFlex suspension and ample trail features, the smallest Stout pack gives you the custom fit experience ...
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  • Stout 65

    At home anywhere your own two feet can take you, the Stout 65 hits the mark for capacity and profile—just big enough for a week’s worth of lightweight camping gear, but not so big that it creates issues when you’re hopping on a train to the hostel in the next ...
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  • Stout 75

    The Stout 75 offers the capacity to support classic hikes in revered locations like Yosemite and Glacier National Park, and brings adjustable TrailFlex suspension and features to provide a custom fit experience. The top-loading design makes quick work of packing up camp, while a front stuff pocket keeps layers accessible ...
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  • Stroganoff Sauce w/ Beef and Noodles

    This mouth-watering stroganoff recipe is the ultimate comfort food for wherever your adventures take you. It’s made with all-natural freeze-dried beef, wild forest mushrooms, noodles, and a tangy sour cream sauce to top everything off. Contains milk, wheat and gluten.
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  • Stryker Stove System

    Where you go, the Stryker goes too. Its compact design makes it easy to pack in and out whether you’re gone for the day or for the week. In fact, every stove component, including the three-legged stand, 1.3 liter pot, stove, and lid all fit into one mesh carry bag. ...
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  • Teton 2 Burner Stove

    Enjoying nature’s finest views and keeping the cooking simple is what the Teton 2 Burner Stove is all about. This compact stove, with two 10,000 BTU burners, has the power to cook your food how you like it. We’re talking about more than just bacon and pancakes—try stir fry, burgers, ...
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  • The Rock Climber’s Bundle

    Getting tired of putting off your plans to finally try rock climbing because you aren’t sure what gear you need? Worry no more! The Pingora team has carefully put together the perfect rock climber’s bundle, complete with everything you need to get started, and nothing you don’t need. Every item ...
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  • The Scooch

    12oz of tasty perfection   This is the roast that started it all. A richly balanced medium roast with smooth hints of rum and toasted almond that show nothing but love every time you brew. It’s what we brew up in Ol’ Blue everyday and on every summit.
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  • The Trail Runner’s Bundle

    It’s time to hit those technical trails with the Pingora Trail Runner Bundle!  This set is perfect as a gift for your favorite trail runner or an easy way to get gear for running in the woods in one convenient package. Those dirt trails are calling.  Time to answer. To ...
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  • Three Sister’s Stew

    The native American holy-trinity of corn, beans, and squash become a tasty, hearty, high protein stew with the addition of brown rice and quinoa. Makes two 15oz. servings. Nut Free. Soy Free. 17 grams of Protein per serving.
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  • Tracer 360

    Own the Night It’s dark outside and all you want is to hit the road for some well-deserved miles. Our Tracer360 uses the full color spectrum in specially designed illumination modes to keep you highly visible. Paired with high quality 3M reflective materials the Tracer360 is the perfect, lightweight replacement ...
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  • Trail Cork Ergo Trekking Poles

    With an ergonomic, natural cork grip, double FlickLock® adjustability and interchangeable Tech Tips, the Trail Ergo Cork trekking pole defines 4-season, on-trail versatility.
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  • Trail Scout | Self-Inflating Pad | Regular

    The Trail Scout is an ideal value for first-time campers and those looking to upgrade from closed cell foam pads. It’s perfect for light backpacking, car camping, summer camps and adding essential warmth to cots. A streamlined shape keeps the weight and size down while a generous and supportive, self-inflating ...
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  • TrailShot™ Pocket-Sized Water Filter

    This product is available for purchase in-store only. Give us a call if you want to purchase it!    The smartest solution to clean water on fast-paced adventures. Clean water all day—without the weight. That’s the advantage the TrailShot Microfilter provides. Designed to hide in stash pockets and deploy quickly, this ...
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  • Transporter Duffel 65L

    First place winner of the prestigious 2018 Carryology Best Travel Luggage category. These packs are at home in the beds of dusty and dented pickup trucks, tied to yaks on faint footpaths, under your bed or in your garage and everywhere in between. From loading a few racks of cams ...
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  • UltraLight Raincover O/S

    Completely waterproof protection for your pack that compresses into a tiny stuff sack and deploys quickly when you need it most. Osprey recommends purchasing the larger size if you’re on the fence. For instance if you have a 75 liter pack they recommend you purchase the Extra Large instead of ...
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  • Ultralight Stuff Pack

    Tuck Osprey’s ultra-light Stuff Pack in the bottom of your duffel bag and you’re always prepared for a spontaneous hike or shopping excursion. Weighing in at a mere four ounces, this tiny pack boasts heavyweight features. Color: Shadow Grey
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  • Wander 38 (Youth)

    The Wander 38 is the smallest pack to utilize our adjustable VersaFit torso design, making it not only usable by all torso sizes, but useful throughout the single owner’s multiple growing stages as well. It’s ready for that first weekend in the woods, summer overnight, or as a large daypack ...
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  • Wander 50 (Youth)

    As first backpacks go, there are few—if any—that can match the quality and capabilities of the Wander 50. Designed with adjustable VersaFit suspension to fit ages 10 through 18, this pack nevertheless boasts the full complement lightweight load-bearing Wishbone Wire internal frame and a redesigned, extremely comfortable shoulder harness. With ...
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  • Wander 70 (Youth)

    With a full 70 liters of available capacity (in size Small/Medium), the Wander 70 meets the requirements for week-long and longer trips, and its adjustable VersaFit suspension allows it to adjust across a wide range of small-framed users. Designed for ages 10 through 18, but featured and constructed identically to ...
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  • Weekender

    A best-seller for over 15 years, the Weekender kit is designed for trips ranging from a weekend camping trip up to a week-long trek. With Easy Care™ organization, it is simple to find the right supplies to administer medical care, and the compact, lightweight design doesn’t weigh down a pack. ...
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  • Whisperlite Universal

    The hybrid-fuel WhisperLite Universal stove delivers the ease and simmering capabilities of canister fuel, and switches easily over to liquid fuels for longer trips, cold-weather, and international use. MSR’s patent-pending AirControl™technology is what really makes it unique, delivering outstanding performance with all compatible fuels. It’s also the lightest stove in ...
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  • Women’s Momentum Harness

    Our most popular harness for all-around use, the Women’s Momentum Harness features a super-comfortable waistbelt and easy-to-use trakFIT leg-loop adjustments, with a women’s specific rise.
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  • Women’s ProLite™ Plus

    This product is available for purchase in-store only. Give us a call if you want to purchase it! All-season self-inflating comfort now with even less weight and bulk. The women’s ProLite Plus mattress combines increased all-season warmth with the convenience of self-inflation. Our ultralight U.S. sourced foam reduces weight and boosts ...
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